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All About O'Hara Lindsay Government Relations

Founded in 1978, O’Hara Lindsay has a four decade history of success working with the members of the legislature, the Governor, Attorney General, state agencies, boards, and commissions. Whether you need help lobbying, strategy design or procuring a contract we can help you minimize the risk for your company. We’re bipartisan, well-connected, and have an insider’s knowledge of the issues, people and process. Nobody does a better job of representing you than O’Hara Lindsay.

What We Do: About Us

Educating Clients About Government

Let’s sit down and talk about your needs and the best approach to get the job done.

We can help you:

    • Devise legislative strategies

    • Create committee testimony and determine who
      should testify

    • Navigate through the Nebraska’s unique, non-partisan Unicameral

What We Do: Text

Educating Government About Our Clients

We are in constant interaction with the senators in the legislature, the executive branch, other boards and commissions.

We can help you:

    • Explain your goals and viewpoints

    • Develop a message to educate policymakers about your issues

    • Correct misconceptions, often created by the media

    • Set-up face-to-face meetings with critical legislators

    • Build coalitions with similarly positioned organizations

What We Do: Text
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