Understanding the Unicameral

Understanding the Unicameral

Nebraska’s Unique Legislature

Nebraska is the only state with a one-house legislature, the Unicameral.  We have just 49 state senators, no representatives.  Nebraska’s legislature is entirely nonpartisan.  Those two things can make government relations in Nebraska a challenge.

We work hard and are extremely effective as lobbyists.  Nobody does a better job of helping you meet those challenges than O’Hara Lindsay. We’ve been doing just that since 1978.

A closer look at our nonpartisan Unicameral

In Nebraska . . .

  •  A legislative candidate’s political party is NOT printed on the ballot.
  •  We don’t have aisles that separate the Democrats from the Republicans,
  •  Nor do we have political caucuses.
  •  The Speaker of the Legislature is elected by secret ballot,
  •  And, so are the Committee Chairs; thus leadership is truly nonpartisan.
  •  Our lawmakers vote independently rather than party mandates.
  • Every senator must be lobbied on every issue.

O’Hara Lindsay is “plugged-in” with the state senators and staff and can help you find your way through the maze that is the Nebraska Unicameral.

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